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Time, Pain & Heartbreak

Posted by on November 22, 2017 at 4:50 PM

The sound of heartbreak fills the halls

It slowly drains my loving cup

Till not a drop is left for me

Slowly my heart bleeds for the past

When these walls held security within them

Certain were the emotions I held inside

Now my broken heart is all I can see

Time, the healer, is the only cure

As I piece my emotions together as one

Love dwells not anywhere in my body

Instead, it’s an empty, hollow shell

Where once emotions ran free

Everything was so alive

Now, nothing seems to live when all seems dead

Pain takes its toll on the most likely in love

For they are the most vulnerable

Spite turns passion into the knife

To kill and deceive

Leaving the victim helplessly wondering, “Why?”

For remembrance, the scar sits upon my heart

Fear holds in the personality of a once joyous person

March 1987

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